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I haven’t written in such a long time, I have literally been running around and I am very tired.  I have come across so much negativity around foxes!  I get so angry and upset when people publicly bash foxes on social media.  As soon as there is any post about a fox that’s it…..its all ‘omg, shoot them’, ‘they are disgusting things’, ‘poison it’.

Foxes aren’t horrible, they don’t need shooting or poisoning.  Most of the people moaning about foxes either have lost chickens to them or have their bins raided by them (or so they think).  If people would secure their chickens better then it would be a lot harder for the foxes to take the chickens, and guess what?  It’s natural for a fox to try and get to them because they are an easy meal.  Cats, mice and rats also rip open your bin bags at night, I know as I’ve caught my own cats going through our bins even though they have food down and have full bellies.

There is also a misconception that foxes attack babies and cats.  If a cat seems to be injured and the fox knows he/she will be able to take advantage without losing any xp on their own life then yes, they may have a go at a cat.  Also if a fox has young babies nearby, she will protect her cubs from any predators or any potential threat.  A bee knows that if he stings you he will die, so he will sting as a last resort.  Foxes will only attack as a last resort as they don’t want to get hurt.  Foxes do not attack babies, you might have read that in a newspaper years ago (with all the shit they spread, are you still believing everything they write? *insert laughing face wherever applicable*.  In actual fact there was a couple who lied about a fox attacking their baby, it was their on dog…they didn’t want to destroy the dog or fess up that they weren’t careful with their own dog around the baby.  So they rehomed the dog and blame….you guessed it, a fox!

I describe foxes like cats/dogs with a monkey brain, they are highly intelligent and help keep the mice, rat, rabbit and insect population down to where mother nature intended.

See all these people with silver spoons in their mouths and on their mighty fine high horses seem to forget that when they allow the culling or openly say you can kill any  wild animal they are screwing with mother nature, and we’ve all seen how well us humans have done with the world so far.  We are building more and more houses and roads on top of where these wild animals are living, then we moan about them being in our gardens???

I’m sick to the back teeth arguing with arrogant, ignorant people who feel they are more important than the animals in this world, without them we simply would not exist.

Scared of foxes? Well they are more scared of you than you are them. The main culprit of fox deaths is humans, would you want to hang around with a murdering machine? I didn’t think so.  Leave them be, leave the animals alone and those that make decisions on animal welfare with the silver spoons, wake the hell up and stop unnecessarily killing and hunting animals for fun, ps it isn’t a sport, its murder you idiot!



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