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Dear Diary,

Two days ago I had two kittens surrendered to us.  They were both covered in fleas,  unresponsive,  full of worms,  pale white gums and just laid there breathing really shallow with bags under their eyes.

After giving them a bath and some food they just sat there not even able to hold their heads up.  We sat up staring and crying wondering how on earth anyone could allow these beautiful babies to get into this mess.  After getting up every two hours for feeding and making them toilet I noticed one of the babies couldn’t keep their heads up for even a split second and she felt cold to touch.  I had heated up a little wheat bag every two hours as they couldn’t keep warm.

By 7am the little girl had passed away,  my heart broke into pieces.  Staring at her lifeless body and apologising to her for all that has happened to her.  She died of flea anemia.  It’s not fucking rocket science to flea treat an animal!

I have literally had enough of the human race.  How dare they allow these perfect little souls to suffer for four weeks in agony being bitten by fleas all over their body, how very fucking dare they.

I finally managed to get the remaining kitten from the original owners and the mum of the kittens is going to be spayed in a couple of days.  What’s worse is that she got pregnant by her brother.

How on earth can people be so stupid to think that brother and sister wouldn’t make babies is beyond me.  I’ve heard all the excuses before like ‘I thought that they would know they are brother and sister’ and ‘I was going to get the boy neutered next week’.

How stupid can you be?  These babies are being eaten from the inside out with worms and outside in with fleas,  what a marvellous existence.

Now I have two boy kittens,  both struggling to eat and keep alert.

I just hope that someone somewhere does something to restore my faith in the human race today,  my heart is breaking.

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