Dear Diary,  yesterday was so tiring.  I had to lie to Samantha to get a cat safe from her clutches.  She decided against wanting to keep a cat safe until the owner was found and thought she would put the cat to sleep instead because ‘it wasn’t getting along with the animals in her household’.  I only found out the night before and offered help but it was refused.  So I had to think up some other way to get the cat safe.

I decided the only way this was going to happen was to find someone not involved and get them to pretend that the cat belonged to them.  I gave all of the information to this third-party and wham!  It worked!

However,  the third-party didn’t drive,  so I was the one to go and pick up the cat from her to take ‘back home’. My heart was racing,  I felt sick and when I got there I was grilled at who the owner was and how she knew that the cat belonged to her.  I had to think quick on my feet,  I couldn’t slip up,  I had to get this cat safe.

Finally,  after a lot of questions and quizzing,  I placed the cat in the basket,  put the cat in the back of my car,  let out a sigh and headed to safety.  Job done!

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