So let me start this blog post of with aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!! I went and picked up a cat that I was told had some ticks on her head, only some…… No, well over 100 ticks on this poor baby girl. She had pus and orange goo coming out of some of the tick sites. I was squashed into a tiny summerhouse approximately 3×1 space to try and manoeuvre to get as many out as I physically could. The cat was extremely stressed out and felt penned in.  I felt her getting more and more stressed out the longer she was in there. So I did what I thought would be the best option for her, I took her to a vet.

I rang ahead and explained the situation, they said “aww poor girl, bring her in”, so I did. I arrived and walked up to the receptionist who was sitting drinking a coffee relaxing. I explained why I was there and she knew who I was and what we were there for. The cat was taken off of my hands at the front desk and whisked out the back for treatment (or so I thought).  The receptionist came back with the box and said “don’t shoot the messenger, but we don’t have time to treat the cat tonight”. Haven’t got time to treat a cat that has more than 100 ticks all over her body and infections all over her face????

I explained that they had a duty of care to help this cat and at least make her comfortable. I asked if they could possibly give her some antibiotics, call the rspca for a vet code to cover the costs and keep her in overnight so that when they do have time to get the ticks out then I didn’t mind collecting her in the morning. I also went on to explain that I was worried for her welfare as ticks carry diseases. She rushed back out to speak to the vet and came back and said “no, sorry, we don’t have much room at the moment and we don’t have time to treat the cat”.

Well today I did something I thought I would never do and said “well, I’m not taking her away as she needs a vet urgently, she can stay here and you can keep this cat box”. I then placed the cat in the box on the reception desk and walked away. My heart was racing as I was so angry and frustrated at being told they didn’t have time to help an animal in need.

Why the hell open up a god damn vet surgery and not uphold to your code of conduct and the oath you take as a vet when you first graduated? Oh yeah, because of that little word called money.

I’m so fed up of vets not caring for the animals, having no empathy and lying to my face about things. Just the other day I took a mum cat with kittens into a different vet because two of the kittens were dying only to be told that the kittens were perfectly fine and the mum cat had cat flu, needed to be placed on a drip, have iv fluids and antibiotics when there was naff all wrong with the mum and the babies were struggling for breath. Incompetent idiot! I demanded to see a real vet and lo and behold the mum cat didn’t have flu and the babies were dying. Later that day the babies both died even though we tried everything we could. Why lie and make up some random nonsense to put an animals life in danger, oh yeah because of that little word again….. Money!

Screw you incompetent, non empathetic, rat race idiots!

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