Dear Diary,  today I was miles away from being able to help but I managed to get to where I needed to be,  this poor dead cat had been there for a few hours.  The cat wasn’t tagged or chipped but a lady thought the cat was hers.  So I waited and waited on her to turn up,  I even put my dinner in the microwave for when I returned as I didn’t think I would be long at all.

Much to my dismay,  they lady turned up for her cat,  started wailing and crying and put her head on my shoulder.  With her snot and tears running down my arm I asked her to wait there for 2 minutes so I could get a towel to wrap up her poor cat with.  I then continued to wrap her cat up as gentle as I could,  and proceeded to give her the cat,  but she didn’t want to take the cat.  Instead she took a side step and hugged into my shoulder again,  so now I was covered in blood,  snot and tears!

She was in such a state and I felt so bad as she was an older lady so I offered her a cup of tea and a sit down so she could calm down.  I placed her cat in my bath so it was out of the way as I had cats myself.  After 3 long hours of sitting and chatting she wanted to take her precious cat home with her. I proceeded to pick her cat up from the bath and quite promptly turned around and smacked the cats head on the bathroom door,  I froze and then realised there was blood all over my bathroom door,  in my bath and all over me once again!

I couldn’t let her walk home herself,  it was icy outside and she was still really upset.

I walked her home and then walked back home myself,  I wasn’t hungry now so I left my tea and carried on with my evening cleaning up the mess.  My phone pinged and I checked my messages,  it was a message from the lady with the cat.  It read ‘thank you for your help this evening,  but this dead cat is not mine as mine has jumped through my kitchen window’


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