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I’ve come across quite a few different problems and issues with cats and kittens in the past, here is one of them and what I did to fix it.

Kitten swimmers, swimmer syndrome,

A 3 week old kitten came in with splayed legs, his muscles at the top of his legs were non existent, he looked as if he had frog legs at the back. After extensive research I found that this is called Swimmer Syndrome. Some people have different views on what causes it. Some say crowding in the womb and some say a lack of nutrients from the mum cat. Now by personal experience most rescues, organisations and vets will just put swimmer syndrome animals to sleep, which is totally wrong and needs to change. I found a very helpful video on YouTube that was my saving grace.

Swimmer Kitten

After buying some medical tape and following this video I bound the kittens legs for 2 weeks non stop. After taking the binds off the kitten was standing in the upright position and waddling (a little like Charlie Chaplin) about the floor. His muscles had grown substantially. I also bought some vitamin and minerals in a paste to give him just incase he was lacking in any nutrients and after 3 weeks voilà!!! One kitten that you wouldn’t ever think had any issues with his legs.

Swimmer Kitten fixed, swimmer syndrome, rescue

What I don’t understand is if I can search for this on Google then why aren’t more people educated about this?

Swimmer syndrome 

This is also a problem for puppies, also known as swimming-puppy syndrome, flat-puppy syndrome, swimmer puppy syndrome, flat-pup syndrome, twisted legs, or turtle pup.

I just wish rescues, organisations and vets would do more research into problems that come their way instead of thinking the quickest solution is to euthanase the animals.

Swimmer syndrome 


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