Dear Diary,

I encounter at least 3 arseholes every day, every single day! I’ve come to realise that there are 4 types of humans.

1. The kind that don’t care for animals, would rather hurt them, these are the types you can normally find that say “it’s just a cat/dog/rabbit/snake/fish”

2. The kind that want an animal/pet and don’t know the first thing about them or care to learn about them and don’t care for them properly.

3. The kind that are over the top, all knowing and knowledgeable about their pets and either hoard them or treat them like baby humans.

4. Those that treat animals with respect and understand that animals should really be above the human race, but understand that due to us being able to build contraptions, guns, snares etc we win.

I hate two of those types, I dislike the third but have a massive respect for those that are number 4. Animals deserve respect more than most humans. Rescuing isn’t just about grabbing an animal from one situation and placing in another situation that won’t better their life. For example, to pull a dog from one kennel and place in another kennel when the dogs 7 days are up, how is that bettering their life? It’s confusing the dog.

I wish rescues would stop thinking of money and numbers and think on how to better that one animals life, to socialise the animal and give that one the best care, love, attention and devotion it takes to make that animal into the most well rounded and healthy animal he or she can be.

The hard only part of rescue is saying goodbye and humans 1 and 2 above. I like to think I’m human 4, I don’t think I know everything there is to know and I’m learning every day.

Also those with no common sense, stop rescuing! Those pop up play rescues, stop rescuing! And for those that think it’s all about cuddling cute animals…. Go and buy some cuddly teddy bears and watch some kids films and fuck off away from rescuing.

It’s heart wrenching at times and you will get so angry that you want to scream in humans 1 and 2’s face. But how does being pushy, angry and screaming at the owners help? It really doesn’t. You have to keep calm in situations where you didn’t think you could, walk into situations that you couldn’t even dream up or even existed on your doorstep.  I know people watch me and my actions in what I do or do not do, but I can hand on heart say I do whatever I feel in my heart is right to do for the animals I come across. If everyone worked towards the same goal then there would also be no arguing amongst rescues.

If you see a rescue doing something unethical, don’t just moan about it to your friends or on your own social media page. Do something about it, cause uproar if you have proof and facts to back up what you are saying.

Today Diary, I am tired, I am sore, my heart aches and my head hurts. But those animals in my care are the happiest animals I know.

Those people that are number 4’s, don’t let anyone sway how you feel!

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