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Dear Diary,

I have had one of the most horrendous days.  An animal in our care had to be put to sleep as there was no fix or surgery that would help his suffering.  After 7 weeks of battling the issues he had it was the only thing left to do to end his pain and suffering,  he was only 12 weeks of age.  I found myself in the vets just looking down upon this tiny body thinking that there must be something else that could be done,  even though I knew there wasn’t.  He slowly drifted away as the vet gave him the euthanasia injection,  my heart stopped just for a split second,  I held my breath as he went and I tried so hard to stay strong throughout the day as I knew there were more animals that needed help.

Also on the very same day I found out that a member of our rescue had been with me to use information,  get advice,  support and contacts only to leave suddenly.  There was never much respect from them anyway and they didn’t like to work with anyone else and they enjoyed the limelight alone.

Two of my close friends also had lost their own pets to different issues.  So that day yesterday was a horrendous disappointment,  however the little boy we had to put to sleep is no longer suffering and my back feels so much lighter now that the trash took itself out finally.

I’m surprised I don’t come up in hives with this allergic reaction to people,  however I think my eyebrows have lowered so much over time that it has created it’s very own moustache!

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