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Dear Diary,

Today I recieved an email about needing some help as another rescue is starting to struggle with the amount of cats that they are having to deal with.  ‘Of course we would help’  was my first thought,  but then again I asked for a little bit of help only a few weeks ago and I was told that because of red tape and that the way they do things they couldn’t help?   (Bearing in mind they are the ones that placed that red tape there and make up their own rules).

Now I’m all for helping animals where help is needed,  but when they forward all of their work to me and expect me to keep up with the influx of animals in need and then they cry saying they are struggling but won’t help with something so simple it’s a little strange indeed.

The strange thing is that they are a very very large organisation with a lot of donations and money coming into them whereas I run a very small organisation with little to no help at all.

I then speak to the boss of the organisation to be told that:

“We are a very large organisation,  and you are very small,  if you were to do certain things for us then you would have to be part of our rescue”

OK,  so why on earth are you asking such a small organisation to fix problems,  trap cats,  do vet transport runs and get poorly animals to the vets?  We do this already to help animals in need,  and if we are so small in comparison then how are we meant to deal with all of the extra influx.

Why should I join your rescue when I already run my own,  this doesn’t make any sense to me as I thought that no matter what rescue you work for or help that the main goal is the same?  So why can’t we all work alongside each other to accomplish the same goals instead of playing ice cream van wars.  And there was me thinking that the animals come first.

I tell you what,  why don’t you join my rescue seeing as we do all of your work and our work with a cherry on the top.  It’s all very stupid indeed.

There is no real point to this entry apart from to let off some steam as this has put a dent in my day and used up some of my brain power to understand the whole thing.

I despair

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