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Dear Diary,

Last night had to have been the craziest night to date.  There was a cat hanging about for a few weeks that was extremely unwell and had dead skin hanging from his face,  he wasn’t neutered of course.  It took a worried woman about 2 weeks to get the cat to trust her enough to come into her house so I could try and get him seen by a vet.  She finally caught him and asked me to attend to help.

So I rang up an emergency vets to warn them,  but they said they would be able to look at the cat,  but not board him overnight.  So we shifted our house around to make him a safe place to be overnight.

Finally,  she caught him….. “In the house somewhere”  she said over the phone.  So around 11pm at night I headed over there to try and find this cat that was somewhere in this woman’s house.  When I got there she had found where the cat was hiding,  under her kitchen table.  Instantly I was hit with the smell of infection and un-neutered Tom cat,  which was nice.

After the lady prodding and poking him to get him to try and move to an easier place to be able to pick him up he decided he would run past us all and up the woman’s stairs.  Great,  now he is somewhere else in the house.  So the woman started creeping upstairs asking  me to follow her up and her 16 year old followed me up also to try and find where the cat went.  The woman started whispering “he is under my bed”,  whilst creeping slowly and tiptoeing into her room she gestured me to follow her.

Once in the room it was quite dark and I couldn’t see much at all,  she pointed and whispered “he’s under here”,  so without any thought I was slowly kneeling down to look under the bed when all of a sudden a man breathed in really quick,  opened his eyes and shouted “what the hell!!!!”,  I just froze and stared at him with a half smile half crapping myself face and told him there was a cat under his bed.  My heart was thumping as I didn’t know how he was going to react to seeing a random stranger in his bedroom staring at him on all fours.  He fell back asleep after a few seconds thankfully.

After a lot of creeping about the cat decided to dart out from under the bed and run back downstairs.  So again we decided to try and catch him.  I decided to try and block his path with a blanket,  and her daughter thought she would block his path also by taking off her pyjamas (with no pants on underneath)  and waving them near my face to scare the cat away from coming out.

After trying my best not to say anything and a lot of patience,  we finally got the cat into the cat box.  With my heart thumping and shaken up a little I thanked them for their help and went on my way to the car to try and get over the ordeal that just happened.

The things we do to keep an animal safe is just crazy!


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