Dear Diary,

I got so angry yesterday being left with my thoughts over listening to different rescues bickering between them to me.  I was told that I shouldn’t trust one person in one rescue,  be careful and watch another,  that rescue hits their dogs,  this one doesn’t go by the rules,  this one squanders money,  this one pockets money,  this one isn’t registered and so on and so forth.

It’s so frustrating as you can’t really trust anyone anyway in this day and age,  but the prospect that all of these rescues are not looking out for the well being of the animal really angers me.  I mean,  what is the point in going into rescue and saving animals lives when you don’t actually care?  What is the point in saving those lives if you don’t meet all of their needs?

I have seen for myself that some rescues start with the intention of making this world a better place for the animals,  but then slowly they see ££ signs and that’s it,  they get jealous and start to bicker between each other saying that they are the best and the whole ‘look at me’  attitude.

I don’t care if a rescue works their asses off just to save one life through their whole time rescuing,  as long as when they do it’s with the animals best interest and they do it humanely.

So for those with big heads,  those that don’t actually care and those that have no empathy towards animals whatsoever I think you are in the wrong job.

Rescuing isn’t a bed of roses,  it’s not nice at all and it’s bloody hard work mentally and physically.  You have the constant battle with people trying to pull you down,  saying and making up horrible things about what you are doing,  judging your every move.  But you have to keep your head up and keep doing your best for the animals because it’s their lives you are changing.

We aren’t the best rescue in the world,  but we don’t care.  We do what we can with what we have and we do it for them,  not for people.

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