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Dear Diary,

So recently I’ve realised that even some people that want to help with what you are doing doesn’t necessarily mean that they are nice people.  Some are calculating arseholes.

In doing this work it has been full of ups and downs,  more downs than up to be quite frank.  I have to just keep in my head that when the down times come that the only way is up!

Recently,  someone that works for another rescue wanted to lend a hand in getting us more publicity.  After all of the organising and planning and rounding people up to be told a few days before that we were restricted in what we could do,  even though those restrictions were never placed down in the first place.  So I went along with it to see what would happen to be told that I was unprofessional for not bringing a table,  and that I could not collect donations on behalf of our rescue.

A lot of presumptions were made on their part about what we do,  this really frustrated me because I always make sure everything is in place to safe guard everything I do.  So because I was restricted in what I could do I just had to stand at an event doing nothing whilst they had balloons,  flags,  marquees and taking donations.  Not only that,  everytime someone came over to say hello a member of that rescue came over to stand with a donation bucket and was quizzing everyone that came near.  Now that is unprofessional.

Needless to say it was a lovely  sunny day and I enjoyed standing in the sun watching everyone go about their day and in my head planning things for the future and what I would do differently.

So yes,  today was a down day,  but….. The only way is up!

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